In the fall of 1991, Greg Asher (vocals) and Matt McCabe (guitar and textures) first met with the goal of starting an alternative/modern rock band. After an ill-fated false start in a band with drummer Eric Foster, the duo decided to disband in order to concentrate on songwriting and finding like-minded musicians.

Able Cain was officially born during the summer of 1992, when Asher and McCabe met bassist Jordan Reading through a mutual friend. The song titled "Fire Flower" fell into place when Reading improvised what was to become the distinctive arpeggiated bass line that is the foundation of the song.

Some months later, keyboardist Eric Schrepel was stolen from another band that McCabe had just quit. Drummer Leo Gunther was recruited to complete the lineup for the recording of Able Cain's "Two Song Demo." After the recording sessions, Leo Gunther was unable to continue playing with the band due to prior commitments with another local artist. Eric Foster was once again recruited as drummer.

Able Cain's "Two Song Demo" was widely distributed to college and commercial radio stations during 1993.

Able Cain's first gig was performed on Halloween Night 1993 in the Downtown Plaza, Chico, CA to a crowd of approximately 3,000 onlookers (check out the video of Fire Flower and Truth). This gig secured Able Cain a place in Chico's burgeoning club scene. Many well received local gigs and a live radio broadcast on KZFR followed.

Due to the success of Able Cain's "Two Song Demo", the band was asked to contribute a track on Mootown Records 1994 compilation CD "Tastes Like Chicken." The band, currently working on what was to become their self-entitled EP, submitted "Fire Flower" and the newly recorded "They Don't Understand." The label decided on "Fire Flower," which was re-mixed by producer/engineer Loren Alldrin and Able Cain for the compilation.

While work continued on the EP, the band played a number of regional gigs, including the Screem in Concord, CA. Thanks to the Mootown CD, "Fire Flower" generated interest from a number of independent labels hoping to cash in on Able Cain's unique vibe. As the band grew frustrated with negotiations, McCabe was "introduced" to Jeff Elbel of Marathon Records via the Internet. The band later decided to sign with Marathon Records. Meanwhile, the band became a fixture at Juanita's, La Salle's, and Chico's outdoor venue the "Bidwell Bowl."

Shortly after completing basic tracks for the EP (summer 1994), Foster and Schrepel moved and were no longer able to participate in the band. Asher, McCabe, and Reading completed overdubs and final mixes. Leo Gunther was recruited to complete the "lean and mean" live line-up of the band.

Able Cain's "Able Cain" EP was released in January of 1995. In support of the album, the band headed south for a number of concert dates with Farewell To Juliet (another Marathon Records band). Nationally, the EP was very well received, with both "Fire Flower" and "Charlatan's Song" charting on a number of college and independent radio stations. Notable gigs included a string of dates at "The Paradise Grill" in Chico, CA and two dates at the legendary "The Warehouse" in Sacramento, CA.

Able Cain's final curtain call was at The Warehouse/House of Commons in Sacramento, CA on September 9, 1995.

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