Able Cain Strut The New Stuff in Concert

by Dirk Pratt 
published in TLeM, April 1995.

Able Cain recently took time out from regular club sessions in their home area of Northern California to grace Southern California with some touring dates. The band's new EP has been receiving considerable radio support in the west. The featured show of the band's brief tour was a stop in Pasadena, California, in support of Ocean Records recording artists Union.

Able Cain put on a vibrant performance to a crowd of relative strangers. The set featured songs from the band's EP, as well as several cuts from a forthcoming full length release. Vocalist Greg Asher's emotionally charged delivery of "Fire Flower" and "Charlatan's Song" drew the biggest responses of the older material, while newer material such as the Simple Minds-ish "Tonight" kept the audience grooving...