June 2011

Just uploaded some videos from our first concert in 1993.

June 2008

Able Cain is giving you $5!

We just started selling our music on, and to kick things off they are giving our fans $5 to download our music.

All you have to do is click on the link below to get $5 to download our music.

January 2007

Able Cain guitarist Matt McCabe just released King Never's Lullabies & Sleepless Nights.

July 2006

Able Cain's Able Cain EP is available now for download from iTunes!

March 2006

In a couple of weeks, Able Cain's debut CD will be available for download from iTunes and a bunch of other mp3 stores. Stay tuned for details.

September 2005

For a limited time, purchase Able Cain's classic EP "Able Cain" from and all proceeds will be automatically donated to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund to help Hurricane Katrina victims. Visit this page to see a list of other indie artists who are doing the same (Able Cain is listed under "Rock").

November 2004

Able Cain's classic EP "Able Cain" is now available at The site also has audio clips of all songs on the album.

October 2004

Album Release Information!!

Able Cain guitarist Matt McCabe just released King Never's Orphans, Misfits & Fragments. The album is a must listen for all Able Cain fans. Able Cain vocalist Greg Asher is featured as a performer on three songs and as a co-writer on one song. Able Cain bassist Jordan Reading helped co-write the music for Fragments.

March 2001

Able Cain's Rarities is now available. The CD features 5 previously unreleased songs and two original 4-track demos. This is a limited edition release so order your copy today.

June 2000

Ambient Guitar Noise: Volume 1 by King Never (McCabe's side project) is now available.

May 2000

The Wounded Records Language Noise compilation CD featuring the Mild Seven track Gone is now available!

April 2000

Able Cain guitarist Matt McCabe's side project, King Never, is set to release the much ancitipated and delayed Ambient Guitar Noise: Volume 1 CD in early June. McCabe is currently remastering the project.

January 2000

The vibey Able Cain spin-off project, Mild Seven, is slated to release the new single "Gone" on Wounded Records Language Noise compilation CD. Matt McCabe and Greg Asher are currently re-mixing the track.

October 1997

Greg Asher and Matt McCabe's are working together again using the name Mild Seven. Currently, the duo is in the studio recording their new song Gone with bassist Andy Swanson (a.k.a. Drieu Arizona).

July 1997

Greg Asher and Matt McCabe (founding members of Able Cain) just completed seven (7) instrumental songs for Bi-Tech Software's IFAS@Work CD-ROM. The duo hopes to further develop some of the ideas for a new project

January 1995

Just released - Able Cain's Able Cain EP! Five (5) songs featuring the boy's trademark modern rock vibe.

November 1994

Good news and bad news. Sadly, both Eric Foster and Eric Schrepel have moved out-of-town and will no longer be working with the band. We wish them both the best of luck.

Now, the good news. Drummer Leo Gunther is re-joining the band! His debut performance with the band will be November 17th at La Salles in Chico, CA.