An Interview With Matt McCabe of Able Cain

by Mike Scholl

Able Cain is a band trying to carve out a destiny, mostly on their own terms. Every effort and cost that could be incurred by being your own label has been covered by the band. In other words, the band ain't signed yet...and that can be a good thing. For example, there are no corporate "higher ups" laying down the how-to's and the where-to-for's. But, the musical path that the fellas tread on doesn't promise instant celebrity nor does it provide the benefit of touring money. The lads are simply trusting God for direction and provision.

Able Cain consists of vocalist Greg Asher, guitarist Matt McCabe (both of whom write the majority of the material), Jordan Reading on bass and Leo Gunther on drums.

The album cover has an interesting story attached to it. McCabe comments about the angel in the cemetery motif. "It's funny," admits McCabe, "and kinda timely too, because the name on the angel is actually Simpson. We thought we should rub that out." The celebrity formerly known as "The Juice" might be relieved to hear that.

"Fire Flower," found on the last Mootown sampler, has received some positive buzz. Unfortunately, recognition doesn't always pay the bills. McCabe says simply, "Being just a matter of money." Plastic money, to be exact, as McCabe put the cost of the CD on his credit card. "We're still paying it off...unless (the CD) starts selling like mad, I don't think we'll be back in the studio for a while.

"Ideally, what we'd like to do is just get distribution. We want to hold on to our artistic rights...but, it would be nice if somebody would foot the bill for the whole thing. We've talked to a couple labels, but they move so slow." This summer Able Cain will attempt to expediate things by touring through various parts of northern and southern California and possibly Oregon.